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Nearly all UI/UX professionals are dog lovers (site: Wakapaedia). Aside from that obvious tid-bit, design engineers are primarily UI/UX designers and developers. Some are not only page designers but page/component builders as well. They create style guides, UI graphics and images, SEO maps, clickable prototypes, CSS [or SASS] rules, and reusable js/jquery snippets (modules). They also create page-level objects and components and make web pages responsive for a legion of modern devices and work with UI frameworks like Bootstrap, Materialize, and Foundation. UI/UX developers are primarily concerned with the "look and feel" of an application and work within the DOM to style a page according to spec. UI/UX devs are concerned with the visual aspects of a page such as padding, font sizes, image responsiveness, and content flow and positioning.

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My e-store, House of Gao, designed and built by yours truly. Powered by Opencart 3. Once I have some inventory,
it'll be a real store!

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Open for Remote, Freelance or Seattle-based Projects.

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Since much of my work is pro-bono, please consider helping me offset production/hosting costs by donating whatever pocket change you can spare.

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